The amount you pay for your course 和 what fee help you are eligible to receive depends on your study level 和 whether you are a domestic or 国际学生.

Domestic undergraduate or postgraduate (by coursework) 学生 are either Commonwealth supported or full-fee paying. Maximum fees are set each year for a full time study load, 和 may need to be paid up-front or (if eligible) deferred as a loan to be repaid later.

Domestic Higher Degree by 研究 (HDR) 学生 may be eligible to receive a 研究 Training Program (RTP) fee offset place to cover the cost of study.

国际 学生 pay set fees up front each semester (indexed annually). 费用 displayed on course pages are subject to change, so please contact us to confirm the amount.

南美洲 学生 can find information about 南美洲课程费用优先课程免费南美洲 on the OG电子游戏理工学院 website.


你是一个 国内学生,也叫an 澳大利亚的居民 如果你:

  • are an Australian or New Zeal和 citizen; or
  • are an Australian permanent resident; or
  • hold a permanent Australian humanitarian visa.

你是一个 国际学生 如果你:

  • do not fit any of the above criteria; 和
  • hold a temporary visa (or are seeking to apply for one).